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Trang (Lena) Le moved to the United States in 2015.  Always looking for a challenge, Lena began studying culinary management at the Art Institute of Houston while working as a private chef for multiple Houston families.  After a long day, Lena craved amazing Asian comfort food, but quickly realized that the everyday Asian cuisine she longed for wasn’t readily available. Lena specializes in healthy meals that don’t lack flavor.  

She loves working with those who may have different health or dietary restrictions because she truly believes that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for health.  Lena is out to not only increase availability of healthy, Asian comfort food, but also, help others in the process. Being an active advocate for victims of domestic abuse, Lena aims to use her business is to provide jobs for those in fleeing from abusive situations. Lena personally trains each team member and works to help them grow their culinary skills in a safe and loving environment. 




We are so grateful for our clients!  

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Welcome to Lena's Asian Kitchen!

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