How Does It Work?

You order it

Place your order with whatever items you like two days before to receive them on Wednesday or Sunday!

We make it

The next day, all the meals for the delivery date are made fresh in batches and packaged for delivery.

You get it

The day of delivery, you'll receive the meals at your doorstep in an insulated box. Most customers will get theirs between noon and 4PM.

You like it

We appreciate reviews and any feedback you might have! You can also refer your friends to receive LAK points.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Lena’s Asian Kitchen is the first and only meal prep company making Asian comfort foods with nutritional balance in mind. 

Go to our “Shop” page, add items to cart, and go through our checkout process — you can choose a delivery date and choose between direct delivery and pickup. Delivery costs can be found on our shop page, pickup is free. Check the Pickup Locations page for more information!

We have a medium, large and family size for most meals. Both the medium and large meals are intended to serve one person, with the family size serving multiple. Please check the nutritional information on each meal to see what might best fit your caloric needs!

Scroll down to the Description box on each meal to see the nutrition label, and click the toggle button if you want to see the information for another size.

All of our meals are dairy-free, and most are gluten-free as well. We cook in batches, so we may not be able to accommodate all allergen requests. If you have allergies, please check the nutrition labels and contact us before placing an order! 

If your address is within 60 miles of our kitchen at 10887 S Wilcrest Dr, we can deliver to your address! Please note that based on your distance from us, shipping costs may vary. 

Macros measure the three “big” nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fat. All 3 are necessary as part of a healthy diet!

Pickup hours depend on the pickup location chosen during checkout, please check the Pickup Locations page for information on each one!

Our delivery carrier does not offer specific timeslots at this time, but most customers will receive their orders between noon and 4PM. Customers in the 50-60 mile radius from us may experience longer delivery times. If you don’t receive your order before the end of the day, please contact us!

Please contact us or email lena@lenasasiankitchen.com!

LAK Points are a new rewards system we’re test-driving, allowing us to reward new and repeat customers! 

Please check Loyalty and Rewards under the Account section, and contact us here or at cs@lenasasiankitchen.com if you have questions or experience any issues. 

Not yet, but stay tuned!

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